REVIEW: Army of Darkness Pit Witch Figures

August 14, 2011

I have to admit I don’t know anything about Palisades Toys, but I happened across this set by accident & wanted it badly because of the Pit Witch alone, but to have a Deadite Centurion was a huge bonus. Not sure what the deal is with all those weapons, but my guess is it’s just so you have options. I’m not complaining, because the accessories look awesome & more is always better. Still, I can’t imagine they would give so many so you could equip the Pit Witch or that they thought the Deadite Centurion would carry all those. I guess they actually intend people to “Play With It” which is quoted on their packaging.


My disappointment is that these are only 4″ figures, which is why I went hunting for & picked up the McFarlane Pit Witch figure. However, after looking at these off & on for days now I have come to the conclusion that these figures are pretty cool. The detailing that went into 4″ figures of all things, is really quite impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in a 4″ figure before. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than the general sculpting on almost any other 4″ figures out there. Tuche Palisades.

The McFarlane Pit Witch figure is equally impressive just looking at it. First of all, it’s a 7″ figure and will obviously fit in with the other 7″ figures I have from the set. In this case, the toy came to me in an exclusive two pack that was put out for Musicland with the second figure being Ash. This set doesn’t include any accessories or base, but that’s ok since the two pack of Ash vs. Evil Ash came with plenty of accessories, so I have those. From the photos on the back of the packaging the Pit Witch’s hand comes off as if it’s been cut off by Ash’s chainsaw like in the movie. The chainsaw by the way is the hand that comes with this version of Ash. The two pack with Evil Ash comes with the chainsaw & the metal works hand that Ash built in the movie.


Since this figure is 7″ it’s not surprising that this figure is so well detailed. It’s also not a surprise because it’s from McFarlane, who generally does high quality work. The figure even includes realistic chains hanging from different places across the body.

Both of these figures are from a while ago. I believe the Palisades figures are from 2004 and are part of a larger set of Army of Darkness figures they put out including more deadites & even some of the good guys in Ash’s army. The McFarlane figures came out in 2001 with Series 4 Movie Maniacs. Both are available here and there and since the Palisades toys look so incredible, I may just work on picking the rest of the set up, especially since they’ve gone down in price since their release.

I give the Palisades figures three screams:



I give the McFarlane figures three screams:



– Mr. Frights




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