REVIEW: Carnival Arcane by Midnight Syndicate

August 12, 2011

It’s rare that I find a CD that plays out like one big story book, but this is exactly how Carnival Arcane, the new CD from Midnight Syndicate, plays out. While I generally like Midnight Syndicate music, I didn’t expect to be treated to such a thrilling tour of the imaginary world that Ed and Gavin created with this composition. From start to finish each song on the CD takes you on a auditory ride through a creepy, exciting, and macabre carnival.


About an hour long alltogether, the 25 songs move you through some of the most familiar attractions you’d find at a place not unlike the carnival from “Something Wicked This Way Comes” including a trip through the “Midway”, a visit to “Madame Zora”, a peek at “Alura The Snake Lady”, and that’s just the beginning!

As I listened to this CD I couldn’t help but WANT to put images to the sometimes sinister sounds and I couldn’t help by feel like I was being thrilled “Under The Big Top” like an excited kid who loves the haunting feelings you’d get from the experience of being at a real carnival of creepiness.

Carnival Arcane is great just for the listening, but it would also make a great addition to any haunt as well if you built your theme around it. It’s not hard to pull out the imagery that Midnight Syndicate put into this work. They truly have outdone themselves with this new CD which is available through Hot Topic right now and as soon as Halloween stores open up in September, you’ll be able to pick it up there!

All in all, this is about the closest thing to a perfect CD that I can imagine, so on my new scale of screams… I have to give this one four full screams!




– Mr. Frights



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