REVIEW: FRIGHT NIGHT (2011) – No Spoilers…

August 4, 2011

By now everyone has vented their frustrations about remake hell that all movies, especially horror movies, are going through. It’s no secret that most people seem to hate the idea that FRIGHT NIGHT even got remade at all. I’m a genuine big fan of the original as Mr. Frights was actually inspired by my boyhood love for the character of PETER VINCENT. I on the other hand, am always willing to give something the benefit of the doubt before decrying how terrible it might be.

I was very much looking forward to this movie. It has some of my favorite actors in it. It looked like fun in the trailers and the Comic Con teaser video. It is horror. And I have a strong fondness for the original film and it’s sequel. I loved Roddy McDowall and I love David Tennant from Dr. Who. When I got passes I was pretty excited. I tried to get a bunch of friends to go, but no one was interested. THAT RIGHT THERE BLOWS!! If you can’t get people interested in seeing a film for FREE, what kind of chance does it have at being a success if it’s any good, and what kind of chance will horror films from here out have if they keep posting crappy box office stats? I say complain if you want, but if you’re a horror fan, if you’re a fan of the original Fright Night film or any of the other stuff I just mentioned, then your ass should be in a theater seat watching this movie!

So, are you curious yet? Do you want to know how bad the movie was? Well, you pre-screening critics will be disappointed to know it was FREAKING AWESOME!!! I don’t think there was a time in my life where a remake took me so by surprise and body slammed all my expectations producing such an amazing film. And you can quote me on that and on everything I say from here on in this review.

I went in thinking that it might be fun but that’s about it and left absolutely raving mad about the movie. The people who made this put together a genuinely terrifying leap from the original film to a brand new story that happened to have some characters named the same, in the same sort of situations, but completely different from the original. In that way, I can’t honestly say it was a remake. There is no shot for shot anything, the characters are all different in a big way, there are more characters to consider, the things that go down are not the same from the 80’s movie, and the differences don’t stop there. Oh and don’t be worried because every change that was made WORKED!!

The story goes that CHARLEY BREWSTER lives in Vegas and that infamous vampire neighbor moves in next door and so Charley boy has to figure out how to kill him. That’s the basics. He still has his girl Amy, his buddy ‘Evil Ed’ and a host of other characters as well as the great PETER VINCENT who is a Las Vegas magician act the likes of Criss Angel.There are even some surprises to be had as the movie progresses that I really want to leave alone because if your reaction is anything like my reaction then you’ll appreciate it more having me not spoil it for you.

Colin Farrell is brilliant as Jerry the vampire. As I had hoped, David Tennant is brilliant as Peter Vincent, but does his own thing with it, not at all trying to take over anything from Roddy. Anton Yelchin, from Star Trek (he played Checkov), was really good too as was the rest of the cast.

The creators behind this new film (Craig Gillespie; Marti Noxon; & of course  Tom Holland) took a lot of risks and put a lot more horror into this film. While still delivering on some well placed laughs, the movie is way more intense than the original. There’s not as much hokey to it which serves it well to set it apart from Fright Night of the 80’s. I have to say that at parts, this movie actually scared me and it’s been forever since I’ve seen a horror film that could do that!

This movie is a refreshing departure from remake hell even though it is based on another film and has the same sort of characters. I was really impressed with this production and it was even more impressive in 3D which I advise everyone to check it out that way. I mean horror movies are why 3D was created man!!! Don’t miss out on that. Seriously. The kills alone, the deaths of the vamps alone is worth the 3D.

I want to rave on more about how awesome and brilliant and amazing this new movie is, but I can’t give anything away. All I can do is tell you guys how wonderful this thing turned out to be and plead with you all to give it a chance and go see it! If there was EVER a horror film that deserved support and big box office numbers in recent years, it’s this one. Mr. Frights would not steer you wrong, trust in me horror peeps, if you miss this in theaters you’ll be spanking your own hams for it for a long long time. I’m already overly, excitedly, anticipating the DVD release.Hell, if I had the time I’d go see it three more times.



– Mr. Frights




  1. Looks like a cool movie!!!

  2. Mr Frights, I think you are a very obvious attempt by the studio to build some buzz for this piece of garbage remake. Your review is nothing more than a series of blow jobs to the people trying to profit off of this cultural rape.

  3. That’s funny, I’ve never had to call someone out on my blog before… <sarcasm> Well, “Z” first I want to thank you for having the testicular fortitude to come out and actually put your name on here. You’re such a brave soul and that really lends you such credibility. <end>First off, someone better tell the studio because I’m not seeing a dime for all this hype I’m drumming up if it’s actually like you say. Secondly, have you bothered to follow this blog back to my website? If not, then you might want to do a little more research on Mr. Frights before slandering me with such accusations.Everyone on here is free to take my opinion of leave it. I’ll stand by it once the movie is out and inevitably someone disagrees. I personally was surprised by the movie. I had lower expectations as I said in my review, and the thing blew me away. If you can’t spend the money or the time to see for yourself, that’s on you. But when I say something was that good, it was that damn good and you’ll be missing out.Just because you can’t see past your own cynical b.s. is no reason to come onto my blog and start posting lies about me to make yourself feel better. To me and anyone who has anything to do with Mr. Frights, you’ll just look like an ass, which is why you weren’t brave enough to let us all know who you really are.Frights out!

  4. Cool, looks good, I will have to check it out. I have not been to a movie in the theatre in years, maybe this one will break the streak. BTW: I think Z wets the bed

  5. LOL!

  6. Reading this review makes me even more excited to go see it! And that second clip you posted is AWESOME. David Tennant needs to be in more American stuff, and that clip only proves it all the more. I cannot wait to see more of his rendition of Peter Vincent. So excited! 😀

  7. You can’t polish a turd. This movie is rubbish.

  8. Nick, respectfully, if you haven’t seen it, you can’t really judge now can you? Assuming that this movie is good or bad is foolish. If you’re not interested, fine. But unless you have seen it, how about reserving judgement until you actually know the movie is bad? I’m just giving my opinion after having seen the movie. Before that I guessed it wasn’t gonna be that good. Guess what? I still gave it a chance and was really pleasantly surprised. You might be too.

  9. So when I saw the preview for this movie, I thought it was going to be total garbage. Like… no joke. But I got free prescreening tickets to go see it so I thought, why not? It was freaking awesome! It was so hilarious, and I actually got scared a couple of times. I agree with everything you said too. 🙂 It makes me sad though that everyone is judging it based on the trailer and how it is a remake… This movie is amazing, and it deserves a lot more credit that it is getting right now. =/

  10. Thanks for the input. I agree with you of course and it just goes to show how jaded Hollywood has made people because of all the let downs of the past. Now when a truly good and fun movie comes along it does poorly in theaters and that hurts even more causing this shitty cycle where we end up with crap films because studios have no confidence in getting an audience. That’s why I’m trying so hard to get people to at least give up their cynicism for a moment and give it a shot. We’ll know next weekend if I’m wrong I guess.

  11. Thanks for the review – now I can’t wait to see this movie!

  12. I remember seeing the preview for this and rolling my eyes. So I just went to IMDB and was looking to see what reviews were out there and came across yours and the re-watched the preview. We, Mr. Frights you have me actually pumped to see this flick now. I saw the preview in a whole new light. And that was a positive light. Thank you sir….Now, the thing is, I have been rolling my eyes a little at “The Thing” prequel. I am a little confused of the American characters and female lead. Hopefully they have an answer why the characters at the beginning of The Thing 1982 version did not speak any English.

  13. @ Tim G. I’m glad you came here then. Thank you. As far as “The Thing” prequel, I haven’t really paid much attention to it for the same reasons you state. This is supposed to be about what lead up to John Carpenter’s remake back in the 80’s. Based on the trailer alone, it totally looks like a remake of his vision. Like you said, the characters look to speak English and the plot seems to be pretty close to the other film. Is this going to be a rehashing of that story but just with different yet similar characters? Makes you wonder if it’s worth it indeed. I’m still willing to give it a shot though because I did like John Carpenter’s “The Thing” so much. Any expansion on the story just seems too interesting to just ignore. If I get passes to see it, I’m sure if I’m able to go I will. I doubt I’d just pay to see it though.

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