SCRE4M (aka, A Sincere Love Letter To Hollyweird For Having The Testicular Fortitude To Finally Fund “The Little Sequel That Could” Over A Remake Or Franchise Reboot)

July 17, 2011

There is absolutely no way (Okay, I could find a way if I really wanted to) for me to properly rant about the remake/reboot subject matter without sounding like I’m trying to O.D. myself on an entire package of the Bitter Pill chased with a gallon-sized bottle of Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me considering the only things remotely resembling cinematic accomplishments of mine so far are two short films while still trying to get my feature scripts (ORIGINAL horror, mind you – not remakes) into the right hands to turn me into a PAID professional writer when the majority of flicks coming from Hollyweird these days are remakes, franchise “reboots”, or based on a comic book or graphic novel. Fine, you want my professional opinion on horror remakes? Here – in the last few years THE CRAZIES, MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, and PIRANHA actually got it right. For me, that’s about it. But this isn’t about that…

This isn’t, in fact, so much a love letter to Hollyweird after all. Kinda, yeah. But honestly it’s more of a “Thank You” to celebrate the recent very important accomplishments of a few people who have not a single clue in Hell who I am…yet:

First up, one of my screenwriting heroes, Kevin Williamson – Thank You for continuing the storyline of one of my all-time favorite movie franchises and bringing back characters I’ve loved and cared about for well over a decade. It took over a decade itself from the last sequel, but you did it, and you knocked it out of the flippin’ park!!!


To one of the greatest directors not only of my, but ANY generation – Wes Craven, Thank You so much for taking the directing reigns once again and breathing cinematic life into Kevin’s twisted written visions. I cannot imagine this flick would not have been anywhere near as gruesomely awesome, funny, or intelligent without you two tag-teaming it.


To the producer brothers who have been churning out movies for what seems like most of my life, Bob & Harvey Weinstein – Thank You for greenlighting this non-remake project and having faith that lightning could strike for this series yet again.


Lastly, to three actors who have become horror icons and have come to embody the characters they portrayed throughout four movies in the franchise now; Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox-Arquette – Thank You so much for reprising your characters yet again. Played by any other actors this time around (or ever), it would have felt false and forced, to say the least. And another solid Thank You to you three for believing in Wes and Kevin to guide this franchise past the “Number Four Curse” and into yet another round of cinematic gold.


Those of you looking for your favorite horror movie reviewer (ME, for those of you who aren’t my two loyal readers) to actually post a review of SCREAM 4 (or SCRE4M) will be disappointed. Don’t plan on doing that here, there, ever. Okay, ya got me…right before the DVD release date, I’ll throw one up exclusively for Mr. Frights. If he doesn’t beat me to it, that is. All I will say for now is, those of you who missed it in the theaters missed out on the best horror movie of the year. To say I loved it would be an understatement, actually. And while you’re kicking yourselves for missing it, please keep in mind that you have to wait until October 4th of this year to buy it on DVD. But at least it will arrive in stores with plenty of time for you to have a weekend marathon of the entire franchise before Halloween. So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice…

See, blogs CAN be positive, and I as a writer can actually NOT sound bitter about my own material being shoved off of countless lackeys’ desks into shredders in favor of remakes/reboots/based-on-a-graphic-novel monkey crap scripts being cookie-cutter churned and released in theaters these days thanks to “The Little Sequel That Could” becoming a world wide hit.

My message to you, horror screenwriters – stay positive. Thanks to the success of SCRE4M as well as the overall quality of the flick itself from start to finish, the suits that make the decisions out West will eventually come to their senses and I predict that within a year, two at the most, kickass original horror will once again dominate theaters while the remake/reboot/based-on trend quickly phases itself out of existence just like (thankfully) Hammer pants, the Velcro Fly, and grunge music.


– Craig McGee



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