REVIEW: Splice (Spoilers if you haven’t seen it)

July 11, 2011

Splice“… what can I say? Kind of like “Species” but less about aliens and more about the perils of human/animal genetic god play. So these two scientists work for a money hungry company who is looking for this chemical to turn into pharmaceutical gold. To get said chemical they need to synthesize it from some biological creature created by their scientists. These two lead scientists are involved and one wants a kid and the other doesn’t for some personal reasons that are never truly revealed. The woman scientist [with the issue heavy family past] takes it on herself to go the “next step” with their experiments for the “good of mankind” and creates a new life-form by adding her DNA to the creature mix. The movie makes this move look more like her compromise to having a kid. Then we all have to deal with the aftermath of what all goes down from this decision.

My biggest problem with this movie is that the whole thing is about these two opposing personalities. The one scientist (Adrien Brody) is this “super moral argue the finer points of doing the right thing and denouncing the bad choices” kind of guy; while the woman (Sarah Polley) is this “Let’s push the envelope even if the risk is too great and the moral implications are down right awful” kind of person. You kind of expect the moral guy to be more upright than he is in this movie as it comes off more like two kids trying to decide the bad fun thing or the good boring thing and the bad kid always wins out regardless of their principles. It’s kind of like…

Girl: “Hey, lets break the law”

Guy: “That’s wrong, we shouldn’t do that, I’ll never do that. Are you crazy!”

Girl: “Come on”

Guy: “Well, Ok”

…Or she just ignores him and goes and does her own thing anyway. Not much of a partnership if you ask me and not a very interesting way to get through the story. I got tired of this back and forth and then always heading down the path to the worst possible outcomes. Eventually, even the moral guy gives way to what most fellas give way to when it comes to moral standing.

On the good side of things though, this movie got REALLY interesting once they got about half way through the flick. They take “Dren” (Nerd spelled upside down and backwards – crap way to choose a name but whatever) to an abandoned farm where all the bigger more horrific moral issues take place. I mean this thing is like their kid based on how the movie presents it and here we have the guy and the creature (female) get it on, then the creature (male) forces itself on the woman. Before all that there is a mildly visual yet intense sex scene between the two scientists where the creature spies them doing their thing, so that’s where it kind of picks up on the whole sex thing. This all leads to crazy relationship issues between all three of them including the creature trying to get rid of the “competition” the way animals do in the animal kingdom. The woman scientist decides to retaliate (woman scorned and all) in a big way and that’s when the body count begins to rise.

So to recap… the third act of the movie includes (suggested) incest, bestiality, and rape on top of the mutilation and then deaths by a “monster”. 

In the end, these events still doesn’t seem to effect the survivor(s) of this story as they end up trying to make money off the resulting situation.

Overall I have to say the movie was worth checking out. I enjoyed “Splice” for the horror of it and the weirdness that took place throughout the movie. It does a good job at keeping tension up and delivering things you cringe at before you even get the chance to see what’s happening. Then like a bad car wreck you just can’t stop from watching and then you’ve seen what you can’t unsee. So… Enjoyable indeed. But it also was kind of boring to see these two scientists work out their relationship issues with each other throughout the film. If not for the horror part of this it would have just been some typical Lifetime movie about a girl and guy having their life together fall apart because they are not really matched for each other when it comes to their personalities.

If you haven’t seen it and you really like any horror, check it out. It’s very interesting to see the creature develop and the cool & surprising things it can do. It also has some sexy bits to it. While it seems more about a story of lack of morals from money hungry corporations and the scientists who work for them, and throw in a large pinch of relationship goo, the horror of the thing is a bit mind blowing and saves the film. I went in with low expectations and not a lot of interest so maybe that helped a bit. I’m glad I got to check it out though and that satisfaction is what makes me appreciate that I bothered.



– Mr. Frights





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