So, how’s that new Teen Wolf show?

June 16, 2011

MTV has a new show about werewolves… Teen Wolf. In a previous post I sort of speculated about the show and now that three episodes have aired I feel like I have a good idea the direction it will be going. I’m definitely interested in the show and will be adding it to my DVR list. The only reason I won’t be watching at its normal time is because Mr. Frights has to work nights and the show airs at 10pm where I’m at.



Basically it’s Smallville but with werewolves. While that idea might turn people off, keep in mind we’re not talking superheroes, we’re talking horror and werewolves… they even showed a girl’s body that had been ripped in half during the first episode. So far we’ve gotten to see parts of the transformation, we’ve found out there are different types of werewolves, we’ve been given a mystery that will deepen the show’s overall plot and help to develop the characters well. We’ve been treated to “wolf vision” and some of the special abilities these things have, we’ve seen the predicament that the main character is in now with his new situation and being hooked up with the new girl in school while her dad is a “hunter” of werewolves which of course makes for some pretty good tension.

As far as how this show relates to the movie it’s based on from the 80’s… well so far all I can tell that it has in common is that there is Scott the main guy, and Styles, his best friend, Scott is turned into a werewolf rather than coming from a family of them (so far), and Scott plays a sport (lacross rather than basketball which makes it pretty interesting in my book); but other than that, there’s not much of the original ideas there which is most definitely for the best if this show is going to survive.

Having the show on MTV might draw in some viewers who tend to stay away from CW type shows and it might turn off some people who avoid MTV these days, the show definitely needs a home though so MTV is as good a place as any though it would seem like it belongs more on a CW type network. I think the benefit of being on MTV though is that they can do more with the violence and gore. It’s no True Blood when it comes to that stuff though so if you’re a gore lover, you’re out of luck.

Given the story we’ve been presented with this far though, with an “Alpha” on the loose, a “james dean” rebel living in a burned out old mansion in the woods helping Scott along with being a newly turned wolf, the different types of wolves out there, the hunters being sort of an oddball thing since they confronted the one werewolf and didn’t do more than harrass him a little (they definitely know something the audience doesn’t know yet), the werewolf shifting thing doesn’t just happen at a full moon but rather during stressful times and apparently later on more controllable, and of course how Scott is going to ultimately deal with all the little things in his life coming apart and developing as a result of the wolf thing… this show looks really promising. I really hope people give it a chance because we still need more horror on TV more often and this is a pretty decent opportunity to have that or at least to show networks they are going in the right direction.

With a variety of offerings on the official site of the show, a comic, video clips, full episodes of the show, and a lot more, the producers have definitely given it it’s best chance to become something with a good fan base. You can check out the site here: http://www.mtv.com/shows/teen_wolf/series.jhtml – check out the show on Mondays at 10PM on regular MTV (not MTV 2 or anything like that) and they do replays throughout the week at different times. Any episodes you missed can be found on their website for now, so you might want to take some time to look those over to just catch up with plot points and characters and such.


– Mr. Frights




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