REVIEW: Cereal Killers Trading Cards

May 20, 2011

The company WAX-EYE is bringing us something I’ve waited for since I – 1. was a kid joking about Snap, Crackle, and Pop being cereal/serial killers – and 2. discovered Garbage Pail Kids (which if you didn’t know have made a comeback recently and can be found at your local retail stores for $2 bucks a pack). This exciting new product is called CEREAL KILLERS Trading Cards. They’ve taken popular cereal boxes and beloved kids characters such as Capn’ from Capn’ Crunch and swirled in a bit of horror turning out some rather awesome artwork spoofing things like Jason Voorhees, Zombies, and other creepy and scary things.


The moment I heard about these cards I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to check them out. So I went over to the website [www.wax-eye.com] and poked around a bit. I contacted the people there and asked a few questions I’m sure everyone will want to know… like are these things available in retail stores? Unfortunately, they are not… currently. But you can buy them off the Wax-Eye website and I have to say the price is pretty nice for what you get.

Checking my mailbox I found a pack of mini-cereal boxes like those you’d get in your typical grocery store. The boxes though, featured some whacked out psycho versions of the cereal boxes normally found there – Eye POPS, Zomb’A CRUNCH, FROSTED FREAKS, just to name a few, and all with this really cool horror artwork. Even already horror cereals like Frankenberry and Count Chocula are not spared from this collection.


What’s in the package: Three boxes printed with two different cereal spoofs (one on each side), inside each box is a set of 20 trading cards (that’s 60 cards in all if you’re counting), a special card, and a gumball! Love the gumball by the way, nice modern take on the stick of gum from 80’s trading cards. Between the artwork, the boxes, the cards, the special insert card in each box, the gumballs in each box… this comes out to be a pretty significant value, especially for collectors.


The special cards include things like black light cards & temp tattoos. The backs of the cards include things like spoof puzzle games such as match the cereal box to its corresponding shape (they’re all square duh) and pick the oddball corn flake in a line of of 9 flakes where only one of them looks completely outrageous. They also feature puzzle cards just like the GPK cards of old (and new) that create three different puzzles, a red one, orange one, and a blue one. They also have “Tales from the Crisp” delivering some odd facts/stories about weird happenings. The cards ARE numbered and there are checklists on the backs of some of the cards too.


The packaging is very cool, my only disappointment was that the nutrition info was “normal”. This is of course because they legally have to put the real nutrition info on any food item and gum is a food item. While not the fault of the company (as they are being responsible and all) it would have been nice to see that info be part of the gag with these cards. The gumballs however, are printed as if they were real eye balls! This is a great addition to the gimmick of these cards and their creepy theme. I mean come on… chewing on eye balls!

Another BIG thing is that usually you don’t get to display your collector cards in much else but a book with plastic sleeves in it or in some kind of box that is generalized for any number of card types. With these you get to display/protect your cards by leaving them in their boxes! Not just that but if you hold onto the original packaging, you can use the base to group those card boxes together. You can of course put the cards in a book (as I probably will with at least some of them so I can show off the individual art work) but then you can also display the boxes still.

Beyond collecting them, these would make great gifts for the horror fan in your life. That they come in a set of three boxes means you can even split them up between three people if you’d like. I would have gotten a real kick finding a box of these in an Easter basket or under a Christmas tree or even as a birthday gift.

The bottom line is that this is a brilliant idea for a fun twisted addition to anyone’s collection. I’m stoked about collecting these things! I always say there is not enough horror versions of things around us to enjoy and this is a terrific addition to the world of spooky things I’m hunting for. I hope that my experience encourages people to buy these because I’d love to see more of this kind of thing and further series & similar products from Wax-Eye.



– Mr. Frights






  1. Dude….I need…..heh….maybe I will get some and we can trade duplicates.  Joe Simko has done art for the Misfits and GWAR and even Dr. CHUD’s tattoo.  I knew the name right away.  Cool stuff!

  2. That would be cool man. I got a few duplicates in the boxes I have, so I’m down with that. Simko does really good work, I hope these sell a lot.

  3. […] series 1 came out, I was all over it. I seriously bought at least one 3-pack every pay period [twice that when they went on sale for […]

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