REVIEW: Halloween Nation by Lesley Bannatyne

May 18, 2011

Do you remember Halloween from when you were a kid? Your favorite memory? Your favorite costume? Do you remember what Halloween meant to you then? What about what it means to you now?

The new book from LESLEY BANNATYNE will take you for a walk through those thoughts and memories. Halloween Nation explores, quite thoroughly, the different perspectives, interests, and offerings of things to do surrounding our favorite holiday as well as how Halloween is found in our every day world.


I had so much fun seeing the different perspectives on the holiday through the eyes of those that walk the various paths from fans of the one night to those who live it 365 days a year – and what it means to the different folks she spoke with, including some names of people I know, which added to all the fun in discovering this book!

I also enjoyed exploring facts and traditions and places about Halloween I didn’t know. It’s very eye opening to see that there is all this diversity to the holiday, in the way people celebrate, in the way people exist with it, and in how people perceive Halloween. This book feels like Lesley gives us a free pass to open that dusty old mysterious trunk in the attic and allows us to rummage through all the darkness and excitement and fun that hides inside. It was a real thrill!

It’s not just a book about memories on Halloween though, it’s about what Halloween is to us today and how the influence from our past has turned us out in the present to relate to the holiday the way we do. It’s also about the experiences of those who deal with the creepy and macabre things from Halloween on a daily basis delivering ghastly stories about ghosts and those who see them, intriguing insights into what a medium is and don’t leave out magicians, witches, zombies, and the like.


There’s also a real world relation to this exploration where the author takes us on a tour of education institutes and individuals qualified to answer questions about how we handle things related to Halloween such as death and the dead themselves. She asks THE questions we all think about but barely ever bring to the surface in order to find out more about our fascination with all things scary and why those thing might be scary to some and not to others.

The photos that accompany the reading are really fun too. There’s lots to see and enjoy and even photos you’d think were pulled straight from your own albums of Halloween and horror fun. You’d surely recognize images of the hoards of corpses filling up streets for zombie walks.

This book makes me wish it were Halloween right now! It delivers some spooky vibes and some fun things to which I caught myself laughing out loud. It gave me ideas for my own Halloween fun for the future and I found some things I’d like to look into more. It opened up a whole other level of discovery for me… and that’s awesome!

More than reviewing this book in the absolute positive and telling people they should buy it and just indulge and soak up the Halloween-y goodness, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Lesley for this wonderful trip through her world – through OUR world of Halloween.

You can pick up a copy at Amazon.com.



– Mr. Frights


You can also check out my interview with Lesley Bannatyne here: http://www.mrfrights.com/lpbannatyn.html



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