Frights’ SCRE4M Review

April 15, 2011

It’s no secret I may be a little biased about the Scream franchise. But I went into this with as much trepidation as your average fan cynic. Of course I had high hopes, but I knew just as well that I could be looking at the demise of another horror great from my youth. Lucky for me… it turned out to be very satisfying!


I’m not going to go into detail, I won’t post spoilers because I really want people to be curious and give the movie a chance. In typical fashion the movie opens with a great jab at the past ten years of horror with a very surreal intro. It’s fun and funny, which is something that can be said throughout the movie.They definitely go with the idea of “topping” the previous films and do so in ridiculous fashion. (That’s a good thing)

The deaths are most definitely more brutal than before, some are more intimate which is also a change from the original trilogy. The film is not perfect by any means, but it’s satisfying as I said. The death toll is indeed admirable. The third act is in fact quite disturbing to watch at points, but again the ending is very satisfying and really great fun! Shocking to say the least… ha ha.


My only complaints would be that one of the characters was not as believable in their position as I would have liked. I blame that more on the actor portraying the character than anything and probably because of them being new to the story. Everyone else did a great job. I perticularly loved Anthony Anderson in the role of Anthony Perkins. Yes, there are little “easter eggs” like that throughout the movie. I am inclined to say one of his lines in the film was a bit too far for me, too cheesy, didn’t fit well, whatever. Other than that one line for him though, he was awesome.

I really liked having the old gang back together, and they didn’t seem to miss a beat at filling their familiar roles again. It was particularly fun to be back in the home town and see how things have changed over time and how the lives of the characters have evolved. Neve Campbell indeed has grown in her role and it’s a very believable evolution, in fact for all the character. The new comers are mostly a great addition to the cast. The cinema club geeks are on point and fill the shoes of an unfortunately absent Randy.


I enjoyed the explanation behind the killings, but I will say that it was played out BY THE ACTOR in a very weak way. Yes, it was all that actors fault, I’m putting it all on that one person because everyone else was top notch. I feel the film tried to play that out a bit better than it actually developed, even going so far as to involving another character with the same issues. I feel the film didn’t go so far as to try to implicate the various characters as possible suspects the way the original trilogy movies did, but it didn’t really matter because by the end I was pretty surprised by the culprit(s).

Another thing I was surprised/disappointed about but later feel that I understand… the lack of some of the music from the original trilogy. I get this is a new story stream here and I get the need to set a point of separation, I just miss the feelings those songs evoked and the new movie doesn’t seem to have anything like that. Not a bad thing, just something new to adjust to.

Overall I’m absolutely thrilled about the film. The story is solid, the movie is FUN horror as the previous three films and consistently delivered the scares, the jumps, the suspense and tension that are so signature to Wes Craven pieces and the Scream movies to be more specific. I’m looking forward to adding this movie to my collection and even more so I’m looking forward to the next couple films if they can keep up to the trilogy standards they set with the previous films.

I HIGHLY recommend seeing this in theaters just because of the stuff that happens and how impressive and fun and jumpy it was on the big screen. This movie was definitely made for theater screening so don’t miss out!



– Mr. Frights



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