A gift to my acolytes….

April 15, 2011

The Black Saint is a benevolent saint, A very benevolent one indeed. When the mood strikes me,  I will share certain events a/o freebies here for all of you to revel in. Believe me, I’m not always this nice & the rants WILL be arriving soon….trust me. But until then, here is word of an upcoming event in the NY area that I think all of you might enjoy. I will be there so I expect all of you to be there as well. Be reminded, I will be taking a head count…or maybe a “Dead count”. Click on the link below & enjoy. For now.


On Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at Sony’s Lincoln Square (68th & Broadway), FANGORIA will be hosting a FREE 3D special presentation on PRIEST, the new Screen Gems postapocalyptic action/horror film. Best of all, acclaimed actor Paul Bettany and director Scott Stewart will be attending to screen exclusive 3D PRIEST footage and participate in a lively Q&A. We will also give away lots of cool stuff, plus offer free refreshments and popcorn.


*FREE FANGORIA “PRIEST” 3D event in NYC with star Paul Bettany and director Scott Stewart! 

On Tuesday, April 19 at 7 p.m., FANGORIA will be hosting a free 3D presentation in New York City on PRIEST, Screen Gems’ upcoming postapocalyptic action/horror film. Star Paul Bettany (LEGION, A BEAUTIFUL MIND, THE DA VINCI CODE) will be attending the special preview, along with director Scott Stewart. The duo will debut exclusive 3D footage from the manga-derived PRIEST and answer questions at the FANGORIA-moderated event, which will be held at the AMC Lincoln Square (1998 Broadway and 68th Street) next week. Free refreshments will be served and expect some cool door prizes and giveaways. 

 This special Fango night will be a free presentation; to obtain tickets, send an e-mail to fangoscreening@starloggroup.com. You must list “PRIEST” as your subject line and your full name in the e-mail. Offer is good for you and one guest. Names will be checked at the door. Offer is first come, first served, and we will confirm your rsvp. 

 Written by APOLLO 18’s Cory Goodman and based on the graphic novel series of the same name by Min-Woo Hyung, PRIEST is set in an alternate world—one ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires. The story revolves around a legendary Warrior Priest (Bettany) from the last Vampire War who now lives in obscurity among the other downtrodden human inhabitants in walled-in dystopian cities ruled by the Church. When his niece (Lily Collins of THE BLIND SIDE) is abducted by a murderous pack of vampires, Priest breaks his sacred vows to venture out on an obsessive quest to find her before they turn her into one of them. He is joined on his crusade by his niece’s boyfriend (TWILIGHT’s Cam Gigandet), a trigger-fingered young wasteland sheriff, and a former Warrior Priestess (NIKITA’s Maggie Q) who possesses otherworldly fighting skills. PRIEST co-stars STAR TREK’s Karl Urban, CHILD’S PLAY’s Brad Dourif and TWIN PEAKS’ Mädchen Amick, along with TRUE BLOOD’s Stephen Moyer and WOLF’s Christopher Plummer. See the article in FANGORIA #303, on sale this month. PRIEST opens nationwide on May 13. You can see the official website here http://priest-movie.net/.


All of you have the information. Miss it at your peril. Until then…


The Black Saint


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