The Black Saint

April 14, 2011

The Black Saint is one of our new contributing writers to Mr. Frights’ Scary Stuff, show him some love, check out his bio below and visit his other sites! And of course look out for his blog posts here!!


Info: The Black Saint has been a fan of all that is horror since time immemorial, especially horror films. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all horror films & is always willing to put his money where his mouth is in a trivia contest against anyone…anytime. Currently you can read his rants & raves at horrornews.net & (Occasionally) on fangoria.com. You can also follow him on Facebook/Twitter under his “Human” name: Santos Ellin Jr. He is an “Insider” in the world of horror film making & knows many people of note in the industry on a personal basis. He is also recruiting an army of “Acolytes” with which he will conquer this pitiful blue ball we live on. You would be well advised to join up soon. You DO NOT want to be left behind when we take over believe me….


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