Review: Society (1989)

April 4, 2011

OK, so here’s a review that I’ve had in my head since I saw this movie way back in the 90’s. Looking at the trailer, you’d never know how awful this film actually is. Starring one of the Baywatch guys, Billy Warlock, and a handful of other slightly recognizable faces, I really don’t think the cast would have mattered as the story itself is kind of lame. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098354/)

Basically this is an attempt at some kind of social class commentary turned into a sort of horror flick. I admit the idea of being enveloped in the literal sense is kind of scary and the way it’s depicted in the film is kind of gross, the full story and how it’s told leaves a lot to be desired by any standard in horror. The picture pushes certain relationship boundaries but stays safe since no one in those uncomfortable moments is actually related, so there’s a creepy vibe throughout the whole thing, but nothing that really pays off as part of the plot. The “hot” shower scene hinted at in the trailer is even more weird grossness than it is steamy.


The story: This high class family has this adopted lower class kid as part of their family, but his role isn’t to be the good brother or to be the male version of Annie, it’s to give up his life at the daughter’s coming out party where the family and all the guests are actually these weird monsters that can sort of combine with each other, and do so in a semi erotic take on a really creepy orgy. Everyone knows about this event at the get go and the movie is pretty much just Billy going around trying to figure things out because as the party gets closer he keeps noticing some more and more strange stuff going on.

While I’m sure some can enjoy this movie for the erotic and weird things that go on (because there is some humor to be had here – see photo below), it’s really quite boring and nothing ever really happens until the end. It’s more like a dark Lifetime movie of the week than a horror flick, aside from a couple super short scenes and the ending that is. I think what really got me is that this guy is not related to anyone, he has no serious attachments to anyone in the movie, and if your “friends” and family are getting to you this much, why stick around? It’s an age old horror question that is seriously punctuated here as it makes absolutely no sense for this kid to walk into the danger here. Literally there is nothing forcing him to stick around let alone go into the party during the finale, and he knows there’s something bad in there waiting for him.


This movie has for a long time been at the top of my list of really bad horror movies. I think it even would fall somewhere at the top of wost movies in general. Just for curiosity sake, you could check it out. It’s one of those things where you see it then want to tell your friends “dude, come check this out” like showing them some horrible online photo or video that will ultimately make you cringe from how flatulently bad it is.

If you get a chance, check it out, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Kind of like I wouldn’t recommend sticking keys in an electrical outlet more than once.



– Mr. Frights



  1. Heh.  Keys, electric outlet.  Keller.  That’s awesome.

  2. Heh… I wasn’t even thinking about that when I typed it. Funny! LOL.

  3. WHUT?! This movie rules! It’s commentary IS cool and ballsy and had a perfect feel of the way the world was changing for the worse in the 80s under Reagan. Screaming Mad George’s make-up effects are some of the best of the 80s too! He specialized in the absurd and always pulled it off when he had a high-enough budget.

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