Thrilled about Scream… You?

March 23, 2011


I know that by now if you’re in the least bit a fan of Scream that you’ve seen the new videos they just released [if not, go here: http://www.joblo.com/arrow/index.php?id=27257]. I, of course, am eating it up. Still, one has to wonder if this is a good thing they are doing. Could they be putting too much out there and losing some of the mystique that other films use to draw in audience? I hope not. I hope it’s doing it’s job and drawing people in.


What about the DVD/Blu-Ray, what extras will they have left if they keep showing everything? If they do have a bunch of cool extras, I have to imagine they will be freakin’ awesome if they are posting videos like this now. The stuff coming out is indeed helping to build my excitement. I’m trying to fend off these things though because I don’t want to see something that might give anything away. But they are being very careful about this as it is and the teases are really just that, teases.

Some of the cooler things I saw in the recently released  videos includes some stuff I’d love to build for my home just to decorate for Halloween. A couple of those things include a giant Ghostface face on a huge sheet and then a scarecrow with the Ghostface costume on it (which I have an original I can use).


With the new toys from NECA and the marketing they are doing now and the stuff they did last October (i.e. the masks) I’m seriously getting giddy for the time after the movie is released. The things they might be coming out with and even just picking up stuff I may have missed last year is exciting.


The movie itself is a thrill for me as I’m a big fan. So much so that I convinced my wife to name my daughter after the main character. This move pays off now because I can play games with my little girl [who is also a fan of the films], calling her and asking her ‘what’s your favorite scary movie’. The ony thing I’m missing is a superior quality voice changer. The ones I have just don’t cut it.


There will of course be a few trilogy watching sessions in my home over the next several weeks until the new film is released. I simply can’t get enough of that tounge in cheek goodness that takes the horror genre and pokes at it examining the ridiculous things about it while delivering some great moments that become horror history themselves. Thinking of that though makes me wish I had the new movie in hand already so I can watch it over and over the way I did the other films when they were released.


This is indeed an exciting time for Scream fans of old and even a great opportunity to gain new fans of the series. I’m very happy that the story is back and even happier it’s going to cover the changes the horror genre went through as a result of the original films. I can trace back to a point in the late ’90’s where the typical formula for a horror film completely changed. It’s kind of like how the Batman movies changed from the Tim Burton style to the newer Batman Begins version. While they cover the same subjects, they do so in extremely different ways.


This throwback film to my teen years excites me because I miss those movies from that era of horror film. But it also excites me because I know that they are focusing on the new era of horror film and I really want to see what they do to change up the rules. From what I’ve see so far this movie won’t look to disappoint and I’m sure they know what they are up against between trying to recapture the magic they had back that and fending off any hard core critics who don’t mind trying to rain on fans’ parade any time they see something about the movie by posting how they don’t like the films or thing it’s going to suck. I say thanks for the thoughts but step off my fun chief!


Since the second movie I’ve often fantasized about them doing screenings like you saw in the intro to that film where people show up recieving some awesome swag and enterting a theater filled with raging fans and then hunkering down for some fun thrills. I can only hope that they push the film like that, but it’s probably going to remain a fantasy. Still, it will be fun hitting opening night sporting some Ghostface or Sydney garb, seeing what people have from the new film and what others bring from the original trilogy. 

Only a few more weeks until having to faces the crowds at the theater. I’m not sure, but I might actually hit theater screenings at least a couple times if not several just to soak up all the big screen goodness. Seems like it’s a year away still. Waiting truly makes me want to SCREAM!



  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGUWla4OVrY   Reminded me of Scream…

  2. That’s actually on my playlist on http://www.mrfrights.com

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