Why we ‘need’ another sequel

March 16, 2011


Someone recently asked “Do we really NEED another Friday the 13th movie?”. The majority of the responses were “no” but I stepped out to say “Keep them coming”. I was subsequently asked “Why”. The following is my response…



Most horror films these days tend to fall flat trying to be new and original. Most remakes come off much less improved from the originals, and most modern franchises (i.e. Saw) have gone off the rails from their original well crafted story lines. We know what works from past experience. Freddy, Jason, Michael etc. No matter how tired the movies may get, people [like myself] love seeing the next death scene and how the story plays out, who gets away, and how they are going to kill off the bad guy this time.

I can watch the old films over and over, but there’s always a point where you want something new even if it’s the same old thing. For all its disappointments, I actually loved the ‘Friday the 13th’ movie that came out a couple years ago. ‘Nightmare on Elm St.’ – not so much. However, I believe they could do better if they followed the ‘Friday the 13th’ model.

Same with ‘Halloween’. I love Michael Myers, but what Rob Zombie did with it… well, it sucked [for me]. Still, I can’t wait to see ‘Halloween 3D’. That kind of thing just never gets old to me.

It’s the same reason people still read the same Batman, Superman, or whomever comics. The same reason people want to bring back ‘Firefly’ to television, and so many more examples. People just love it. No matter how much they say no, they always watch it because they want more of the characters and stories, even if secretly. For example… I LOVE ‘Scream’, always have. But before this year, just about everyone I talked to hated it. Now that it’s coming back, those same people can’t talk about it enough. It’s FUN.

Fun is what keeps bringing people back to these overly rehashed movies and characters. Even when the movies don’t hold up well for the fans, they still stay hopeful for the next one being better than the last. Sometimes we wait for years and many sequels before we get a good payoff, but as long as we keep coming back for more, studios will keep putting them out there.

The bottom line is, without sequels and remakes we’d be left with a void. Depending on your point of view it could be a void of some popcorn munching fun or something to complain about. Could we survive without them? Sure. But then we’d be missing our favorite villains. Besides, having them around doesn’t mean we don’t get new ones… there’s always room for more!



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