We need more daily spooky

March 16, 2011

Being the super mega horror fan that I am, I often go through my day replacing reality with my darker, yet happier version of what is. If you’re familiar with the show ‘Scrubs’ imagine that I’m like a much darker JD with all his mental visual cut ins. For instance, when I go to my night job I run into some odd creatures along the way. Some of them are so cooky to me that I’m actually working on new stories with my favorite writer based on that very idea of replacing the “real” with my own “better” version.

There’s a gentleman I run into now and then who exudes ‘ax murderer’. He’s probably a really nice guy but his appearance and the way he carries himself belie any sense of normalcy. Often seen wearing an oversized coat that hides his small frame and sporting an unkempt looking grizzly beard, this character can be caught glancing at people from below his brow as his head is tilted downward. My imagination runs wild with the bloody violent thoughts that must be brewing inside this otherwise unassuming man.


I have always wanted to live in an ‘Addams Family’ style world and while I can’t have that now, this is my way of making that more tangible. One thing that helps with this though is when companies get involved in the fun. For example, the Meijer grocery chain has this commercial during Halloween season that really defines what I’m talking about. It’s spooky, creepy, horror, but fun. It defines the whole point of Mr. Frights. Take a look:



Pretty cool stuff right?!! I always look forward to this commercial, and I’m sure it’s been like five or six years running. I hope they keep playing it or come up with something new in the same ballpark. The job I work in the real world should totally do something like this too. They put so much emphasis on sales and being part of the community that you’d think this would be a great way to reach out to the local horror culture around here.


I think we need more of this every where. It’s getting more prevalent to be sure, but I can’t wait for the day when all companies and organizations embrace the fun of horror and all year round too. This is kind of my goal as Mr. Frights. I want to bring awareness and push forward the culture of the macabre. We can never have enough.


If you happen to know of a normal everyday company or organization that embraces the culture of the macabre, let me know who they are and how they do it. If there’s a video or commercial that they have to show it off, point me to it. I’d love to make a list of places that do this kind of thing shrugging off any stigma that some place on joining in on the fun.


Seriously, the only reason I even shop at Meijer is because of how they have gone out of their way during the season to promote a more spooky shopping experience. I’d absolutely love to walk into a decked out Target one day or see a brilliantly made commercial showcasing the love of all things creepy from someone like Walmart. I’m not talking just some commercial saying they have stuff to buy, or having a section of the store that’s just seasonal offerings, I’m talking the full out all departments littered with spooky goodies, decorations, clothes, toys, candy, for every day and for the holiday.


I get the idea that some might think that having more of this on a regular basis might ruin it. Being over exposed to the environment might lessen it’s impact and make it less exciting. I can totally appreciate that sentiment too. I get it, really. But that still doesn’t make me want it any less. I’m actively trying every day to turn my home into a more macabre place and trying to convert my wife to be more open to the idea of living in a ‘Munsters’ type of home and of course bringing my daughter up to appreciate the very same things so she can tell people what it’s like ‘Growing up Creepy’.


I can’t seem to get enough of it, can you?


– Mr. Frights


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