Horror Toys: NECA Michael Myers Head Knocker

March 7, 2011

I’ve done a couple good reviews, and since I want to be honest I’m about to lay down one that’s not so good. Recently I aquired a Michael Myers NECA Head Knocker. I’m all about Michael Myers, I love the guy. Halloween is probably my favorite all time horror flick. So I was really excited to get this piece because I don’t have a lot of Halloween stuff.

The package arrived fine and was well protected. When I took a look at the box though I found the knife was not attached to Mike’s hand, but rather broken off and stuck between the plastic shell he was in. I’ve gotten pretty good at fixing toys thanks to McFarlane Toys’ tendency to break, so I didn’t worry too much about that. It doesn’t end there though. I pulled Mike out of the package as gently as I could so to keep the packaging in tact and unblemished. When I pulled him from the shell the tombstone fell out! 


So here I have this long awaited piece that I’m all thrilled to have only to find out that it’s busted up. It wasn’t opened previously and I doubt it was the fault of the seller that I bought it from. In fact when I spoke to the seller about it, he mentioned that he had heard that these have infamously been reported to have broken and even missing parts citing the missing pumpkin from another buyer’s Michael Myers Head Knocker.

I did get a very generous refund of half my money paid for the piece and I was able to fix the parts that were broken as best I could. So I’m satisfied with the outcome. Still, NECA putting something out there that falls apart like this even though made of high quality materials kind of disappoints.

The actual piece itself is really nice. The details on the figure is pretty cool, the paint is nice. The mask leaves something to be desired as it’s not exactly on target for replicating the real mask and the eyes are off too. The knife isn’t cut out well and looks kind of generic but then when isn’t a butcher knife in a movie generic. The tombstone is a great addition as is the pumpkin which looks pretty close to the film version. It’s a very heavy piece and is really nice as far as bobble heads go, but the breakage and the distance they would have to cover to actually make the thing look like the figure and items from the movie is pretty dramatic. 

If you’re a huge Halloween fan, go ahead and get this if you don’t mind the chance it will be broken when you get it. If you’re not into Halloween that much other than liking it as a piece of your collection, then I’d say skip it. The price is kind of expensive for something that disappoints in the ways that this did for me.


– Mr. Frights


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