Horror Toys: NECA Scream 4 EXTREME Head Knocker

February 28, 2011

I don’t ever plan on doing this… posting more than once in such a short time. The thing is I’ve been waiting for this thing for what seems like forever, even though in reality it’s only been about a week or so. Not only that, but I totally didn’t expect what I found in the package. My expectations were, well I just expected a lot less because of the other bobble head type toys I’ve gotten. Those other recent toys, the Wacky Wobblers are great to be sure. I really like them a lot. But they are plastic.

The NECA Scream 4 Ghostface EXTREME Head Knocker came in a box bigger than I’d expected, so this threw me from the start. All the other bobble heads I’ve gotten lately have been in boxes all about the same size, they all fit nicely in my hand. This Ghostface thing came in a box that looked like someone took four of those standard boxes and put them all together. Not just that, but when I opened it, it’s stuffed tight with a styrofoam protectant rather than inside some kind of molded plastic case. Just as a side note, I really don’t like styrofoam anymore (insert chuckle) – it took a lot to get this thing out of the box without breaking the foam or damaging the box. And trust me, you won’t want to damage the box. The artwork on it is pretty cool and it’s worth keeping around.


The item itself is about one and a half times bigger than the Funko toys I’ve been speaking about, which as with everything else is hard to discern from the online photos of this thing. It’s made out of a nice high quality pewter or something and it’s pretty heavy. It comes with a separate knife that goes in his hand easily, so that was really cool too. It does fit in from under the hand, but it falls out with any amount of josseling. The fact is, the knife was made to be placed in from the top. Still, I was able to place the knife in from the bottom and at least get a photo from it.


The base is nice and wide and heavy so it won’t fall over even though it’s a little top heavy because of the big head on the little spring. The head on mine came out a little off tilt, but I’m not going to mess with it to try to fix it because I don’t want to break it. It’s not bad the way it is anyway, it just doesn’t look like the photo on the box or on the online pictures. One of the cool details of the base is there is a phone laying there. While it’s molded to the base, I would have preferred it being separate like the knife was, but I appreciate it being connected because I won’t lose it.


If this is just the beginning of Scream merchandise for the new movie, I’m totally psyched about anything else coming out. The NECA action figure was pretty great and now this head knocker is amazing. The detail put into both is well beyond anything NECA used to make and it’s more impressive than anything from McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs. It makes me wonder what McFarlane would dish up had he kept up with the Movie Maniacs series, because his stuff was always tops. 

Anyone looking at the price tag on this thing might think it’s a bit much for a bobble head, but the quality that came out of the box I got really makes the cost not that bad at all. I picked mine up for about 18 dollars from the Big Bad Toy Store online. But I would suggest going with a purchase from House of Mysterious Secrets because of their crack customer service style. The guy who runs that shop is on his game big time and he’s cool to deal with.

I totally advise people to get theirs before they are gone. You won’t regret it.



– Mr. Frights



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