Horror Toys: Funko Pop! and Wacky Wobblers

February 28, 2011

The “new kid” on my shelves are these Funko toys. I recently bought just about all the recent releases they have including their stylized caricatures and their Wacky Wobblers. The only things I didn’t bother with [yet] are the plush figures. I’m kind of on the fence about them. I mean, 1. they don’t stand up so what do I do with them to display them… set them in the corner of a chair or something? 2. They are very plain, not very detailed, PLUSH horror figures. Is this something I’m supposed to give to my kid to help them feel better about horror icons and get them to see they are not so scary? I just don’t get it.

Ok, so aside from the plus figures, these other things are pretty cool. The Funko Pop! figures are stylized in a pretty cool way. They are not all weird like the Cinema of Fear stylized figures, but rather they look like creepy cute sort of dolls. When I first saw them they reminded me of bobble heads, alas they are only vinyl big headed toys. They are sturdy and easily stand without any wobble or falling over which is a big plus with any toys these days. Even better is they don’t clash with the rest of the collection pieces of the same characters on my shelf.


The eyes are the most distinct feature on these toys as they are just round black dots. Outside of that they have their own simplistic detail of each character. Getting them online I was able to find them for a really nice price of about eight dollars, and shipping wasn’t that bad at all so I was happier doing it this way than purchasing them in a store.


Funko’s Wacky Wobbler figures are also very very cool. First off, they are based on the original movie characters and not the newer stuff from the last couple years. Big plus. They have these really cool bases to them that are made to look like wood and have their names on the front which kind of makes them like museum pieces in a way, honoring the characters. The detailing is really well done on these things to thee point they almost look like they will jump off my shelf and start some mayhem.


Again, the price for these was really good when I got them online. And again the shipping wasn’t bad so I didn’t feel as much of a pinch.


The only thing with the Wacky Wobblers that I’m bothered by is that they only have Freddy and Jason. I’m anxiously awaiting other characters, specifically Michael Myers and maybe Pinhead, Ghostface, and Chucky. Same thing with the Funko Pop! figures. They only come in Feddy, Jason, and Michael characters. While that’s good enough for me, it might be cool to see a Pinhead and a Chucky.

These I think will go on my best buy of the year list because they are really high on cool figure chart for my collection. If you don’t have these yet, I would totally recommend them.

Funko Pop! Figures:


Wacky Wobblers:



– Mr. Frights



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