NECA Scream 4 Ghostface Action Figure

February 24, 2011

I’m very big into collecting movie toys, memorabilia, and anything horror that I can afford. I thought that I might do some reviews of some of the stuff I’ve picked up recently.


One of the cool toys I just got is the new Scream 4 Ghostface action figure from NECA. Now, I was a huge McFarlane toys fan a few years back when they were putting out the Movie Maniacs series with all the horror figures they did. I have in the past reviewed NECA vs. Spawn Toys and McFarlane always won because of their attention to detail. The thing is McFarlane toys always had some kind of problem where they broke just taken them out of the package. I’ve never had that problem with NECA and I used to guess that it was because their toys were simpler, not as detailed, and therefore inferior.



McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs Ghostface


NECA Scream 4 Ghostface


I can now officially say I was wrong! The new Ghostface figure is just as detailed as any Spawn Toys release and now they have gone as far as putting in a lot more articulation points and in a way that really makes McFarlane stuff look sad. The new figure has what I can only assume is ball jointed feet. I’ve had a lot of problems with getting figures to stay standing because of the way the feet or legs were molded or how they wouldn’t move in a way that might help them keep balance, so this is a big thing for me. The way this thing is able to adjust to level with the surface you place it on is so cool. There’s absolutely no wobble to it either when you bump it a little.

The other thing I like about these newer NECA figures is that I’ve not had their joints stick. Another big deal to me because of how often they are sticky and you try to move the parts, a hand, an arm, etc. and then they break under the pressure of trying to unstick them. The newer figures haven’t given me that problem and this new Ghostface character isn’t any different. I was able to easily move the parts and what’s just as important is that they were not loose so they didn’t fail to stay where I put them.

One of my problems with the new character is that the place where the legs and the waste meet is molded in a way that you kind of have to keep the figure in the position it’s “meant” to be in or you have this weird flat base area sticking out of the middle of the figure. Since I like to pose the figures the way they are modeled in the marketing photos, it’s not that big a deal. The other thing is that the cloth vs. the hard parts of the figure. The robe is only cloth from the waste down and then the pieces that hang off the sleeves. This doesn’t match up well and makes the figure look a little awkward. It would have been better to just make a figure as a normal person and put a robe over top or just mold a full plastic robe along with the character the way they’ve molded capes or other such things while still alowing the legs to remain posable the way they are.

Still, with just those little things, there’s really nothing I can say that should make anyone not get this figure for their collection. This is a very welcome addition to my shelves as both a fan of Scream, a fan of toys, and as a growing fan of NECA.

McFarlane Figure:


NECA Figure:



– Mr. Frights



  1. Hey there, I was wondering if you could give me some insight into a NECA figure I’m having a problem with. I bought the NECA “Leatherface” from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” (box set version) back in 2006. I opened it when I bought it to display. It’s never been played with and has rarely even been touched. Well I just moved so of course I packed it. Anyway it’s sticky, and feels like it might even be dissolving somehow on his legs / pants. That area is also the only part of the figure that is doing this. I was wondering if you knew what this is, why it’s doing it, and HOPEFULLY know how to fix it. If you have any information on this please let me know. Thanks!!

    • Ron, just left you info on this question over on my FB page. Hope it helps!

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