Slither as a benchmark

February 21, 2011

Finally got to watch “Slither” from 2006. I know, it’s a shame when I’ve been trying to see this movie since it came out and it took me 5 years to get there. What can I say, I’m a busy guy and a little behind.

Slither, though to me is what I would call a benchmark film. It’s about the best you can hope for in any type of monster type horror flick. One of the keys to this type of success is not taking itself too seriously. I hear that all the time about the great movies and it answers my questions about how someone could have made a film like this. I mean the fun they had to have had on set with things… I bet it’s one of those things where you had to be there to get the full appreciation for it.

By making horror movies that are full of fun, like humor, a character like the mayor and further more played by the actor they chose, being able to play off of years and years of great and classic horror scenes to come up with some of the better shots I’ve seen in any movie like this. The whole thing was just a big bag of awesome.

Not just that, but it carries the great scares of a monster movie, the tension, the fun actors like Nathan Fillian and the rest of the cast actually. The whole scene where the “wombed” girl in the barn starts to go is both hilarious and horrifying and you’re never quite sure which way to react. Laughing would be kind of awful and ducking away or cringing would rob you of any funny from the whole scene. The whole movie is filled with moments like that. And the most awful moments like during the family scene when the older girl is trying to get away, is played out brilliantly through all the tension and leading to a break with some humor once again. It’s great!

These are some of my reasons as to why this movie should be considered a benchmark for any other monster films. If you’re lacking the fun, if your all drama with no humor, all horror with no breaks in between for anything else, it can get tedious and dull and definitely won’t ever be as interesting without something fun to break it up. That’s not to say you can’t have a good film without these things, but in most cases I’m going with the fun side of horror.

Now that I’ve seen it, as I suspected, I’m going to want to add this to my own horror library. Hopefully that won’t take another five years because I’d really like to see it again, and again. I hope you own it, and if you don’t you should totally pick it up if you get a chance.

Scare ya later!!

– Mr. Frights 



  1. please tell me you’ve seen “Night of the Creeps”

  2. I have seen Night of the Creeps. Saw it on my 16th birthday back in 1992. It is totally one of my favorite horror flicks, mostly for it’s sentimental value. That was a hell of a day for me that I’ll never forget. Heh. Yeah, but I can’t talk about it. 😉

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