Valentine and Waxworks

February 14, 2011

It’s Valentine’s day. But I’m all about horror so need I remind you all that the best way to anyone’s heart is through their chest. 

I hope every horror fan who can will use this day as an opportunity to celebrate in a more wicked way than the “normal” population but watching any of the scary Valentine’s Day movies. My favorite is “My Bloody Valentine 3D”. No disrespect to the original, but I have been watching a lot of horror lately and frankly all the things I saw when I was a kid don’t seem to stand up to time. 

For example. I used to love Waxworks II, but I’d never seen the first one (or at least I don’t recall seeing it) so I watched it. After checking out the first movie, which was not bad, but not great, I went on to watch the sequel. Worst choice for that day. That movie is so goofy I could not believe it was actually catagorized as horror and that I even liked it.

The worst thing about the two films happens to be a pet peeve of mine, when they swap actors for one character. I know it can’t be helped in those cases (or at least I hope that it’s a last resort kind of decision. That is unless the original actor was aweful), but it’s still annoying. As a filmmaker I’ve faced this same thing. While the move was lateral as far as acting skills goes, I honestly couldn’t see the new actor as the character we’d built from the previous film. It still bugs me even though the new guy was really good. I just feel it totally throws off a movie.

I’ve got a lot of horror planned for today, including watching the original “My Bloody Valentine” just because I haven’t seen it for such a long time and I want to be sure the newer 3D version is my prefered flick of the two. 

While your online, take a couple seconds to enjoy this V-Day message from me…

http://www.mrfrights.com/ (check for the video under Feb 14th.)


Have a bloody good day!


– Mr. Frights


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