First Entry… Let’s talk about The Decent.

February 4, 2011

I’ve been trying to do the blog thing since I started out, but I just couldn’t think of a good way to start out and I was always coming across the whole challenge about how to write things to keep people coming to check it out. I still haven’t been able to solve those things so I’m doing what I always do and just diving in.

The first thing I’d like to post thoughts on is a couple of movies, The Decent and The Decent 2.

The idea of a movie where a group of women on their own go into an uncharted cave and get caught up by some weird and scary bat/human creatures sounded interesting enough. It’s very rare you have any movie that focuses on the females as the heroes let alone being just women alone (bat/human male creatures aside). I hate to admit my sexism here but at first I had my trepidations on this movie because I thought it would add up to being a horror movie for women. I mean it is, but I wasn’t thinking that as in a horror movie celebrating women in the genre which is what it turned out to be (thankfully).

I watched the first movie and while it wasn’t the most impressive thing and took a long time to get to the creature part of the horror, the horror that the characters went through to get to that part was satisfying enough to get me to the creature part of the movie. These ladies who mostly are out to have a good time end up getting stuck in an uncharted and seemingly remote cave system. Stuck. Underground. In the dark. In an unknown place. That’s the epidomy of horror right there. The lost unknown.

The reveal of the character of these women is even better than the setup of the story. I won’t go into detail but the dynamic of what takes place between Juno and the woman with the personal issues is pretty crazy. It adds a nice challenge to both characters and all those who came along for the ride to be fodder for the creatures. 

The ending of the movie is nice and is a typical horror movie ending from the late 70’s to early 80’s. It’s a very Friday the 13th style ending where “Jason” comes up from the water for one more scare. I don’t mind telling the ending here because they sort of changed it for the opening of the sequel.

I wasn’t sure of the need for a sequel as with most other films and their sequels. Mind you I’m not a sequel hater, but admittedly most films don’t need and shouldn’t have sequels. I’m on the fence about this movie though. At an hour and a half it moves pretty fast and there are no more characters than there were in the first film. The death scenes move by pretty fast and while they are a bit more spectacular than the previous movie, they still are not as satisfying as they could have been because you totally see them coming. (At least I did). 

The thing I really liked about the sequel is that they pick up right away from the end of the first film and give a pretty good reason for going back to the cave to find out what happened to the other ladies. They end up running into a few of the remains which gives some really nice toss backs to the original flick and some nice horror moments. I think those scenes more than any others really serves to draw the audience into the feel of what the characters are going through. Some on a trip of discovery and the one on a trip of redemption and trying to get herself back after such an ordeal the first time.

The funny thing to me is they find the cam corder from the first movie and still, it doesn’t make it out of the cave! Not that it should, but it’s a great little device that they could totally keep playing off of if they do anymore movies. 

I’m ok with the head fake ending too but it totally leaves you wondering what the deal is with it. I almost want another movie so they can further explain things, but then who the heck would go in there having lost a group of women and then a group of official rescuers? I guess the people who make the movies would, that’s who.

While the sequel wasn’t anything special, it really did serve to propel the story along and that’s the most important thing to me. It wasn’t boring and the guys didn’t fare any better than the girls did. I could have done without the old big fella who played the jerk from Willow and played somewhat of a jerk in this flick. It would have been nice to have a better character in his place, but I didn’t write it so that’s how it was meant to be.

I really like the decent movies, they are solid for the most part, but then I wouldn’t pick them up to own them and might only watch them over if they happened to be the only horror on TV. That might sound bad, but most films don’t even stand a chance at that much attention from me.

On another note, I’m really excited about the new Scream movie. I have a lot of hope that this flick will be as good as the first three. Yes, if you didn’t know I absolutely love the Scream movies, all of them, and I won’t be caught saying anything bad about them or getting into a discussion with anyone who doesn’t like them but states they are a fan of horror. Same goes for Halloween. My info may be outdated here, but I’d love to see that Todd Farmer Halloween 3D. Other than the Rob Zombie flicks, I enjoyed every single Halloween movie with Michael Myers in it and I won’t be saying anything bad about any of them, even if I’m wrong.

But that’s for another time.


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